These are the projects i've been working on

Android song lyrics app used to instantly get synchronized lyrics for Spotify, Google Play Music and much more. Also lets you explore and search for the most popular songs of the moment.

Baking App

Designed with Material Design to show the ingredients, the steps to take to recipe's completion in a beautiful and elegant way. Makes use of ExoPlayer, MVP pattern witth domain layer and Room AAC.

Popular Movies App

Android app that helps users discover popular and highly rated movies. It displays a grid of movie posters, shows movies' details, allows users to save favorites, play trailers, and read user reviews.

Google Android Dev Challenge 2017

This repository contains the exercises done through the Android Dev Challenge from Udacity & Google. It also contains a serie of articles with resources to deepen into the topics learned.

ETSIT News Android App

News reader app for the Valladolid Telecommunication University.
:trophy: Winner application in the "best news reader app from ETSIT-AITCYL contest" from University of Valladolid, Spain.