Asturian Coder, story of my life

My name is Felipe Joglar and I am a Telecommunication Engineer working as a VBA software developer, currently based in Valladolid. I love rock music, playing sports, reading, watching films and spending time with friends and family. Lifelong learner that try to keep upgrading my programming skills, focusing also in the design and UI/UX part of software.

I grew up in a small village in Asturias, Northen Spain, with my parents and sisters. After finishing High School I moved to Valladolid to study Telecommunication Engineering where I started getting in touch with programming and developing in spite of not learning much of it in college. Here I won a Android application programming contest wich boosted my motivation to learn Android and focus my learning in mobile development. Now I’m trying to improve my programming skills to become a proficient Android developer.